This is the application form for those interested in being invited to the

Model Safety Network Private Facebook Support Group.

Please note that this support group does not include a "black list" of any sort.
We are not an organization made to shame photographers and other industry professionals.
We are a group for discussing personal experiences and keeping models informed.


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Please note that the private support group is for MODELS ONLY and all other applications will be disregarded. If you are not a model and would like information about the group, please email Thank you.
Please list Names and Email/Phone numbers for 2 people who can confirm your identity. Applications with references of current ModelSafetyNetwork (Private) members are typically processed faster.

The Model Safety Net Private Group accepts applications from models who have had their identity confirmed by our administrators after completing the application process and providing appropriate references. All applicants are thoroughly reviewed to ensure there is no infiltration of non-models to the group. Administrators reserve the right to deny any applicant who does not meet privacy requirements, and to remove any member who does not abide by our community guidelines and commitment to privacy. No content from the private group is to be shared outside of the group, or with any non-members.

All information is kept confidential and not released or sold to any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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