We get a lot of questions about how reviews are posted in the Model Safety Net Private Group, Exclusively for Models.

We would like our friends and colleagues to know that the group is NOT for shaming photographers and other professionals we work with- but simply to stay informed about who is doing what in this industry.

This group was created as a beneficial resource for models who are looking for work, as well as new models who are looking to get started.

It allows us to connect with other models in a private and non-judgemental setting, and promotes safe networking.


Reviews are posted in an objective format, allowing models to make informed decisions regarding who they work with.

There is no such thing as a Model Safety Net "blacklist" and we value every member's personal experience.

Photographers are our friends and allies.

We do not accept reviews that are written on behalf of another person, unless that person is a minor and the review is written by their guardian.


The Model Safety Net Private Group accepts applications from models who have had their identity confirmed by our administrators after completing the application process and providing appropriate references. All applicants are thoroughly reviewed to ensure there is no infiltration of non-models to the group. Administrators reserve the right to deny any applicant who does not meet privacy requirements, and to remove any member who does not abide by our community guidelines and commitment to privacy. No content from the private group is to be shared outside of the group, or with any non-members.