There are a lot of questions that should be answered before attending a photo shoot, so that there are never any surprises when the time to work comes.

Being able to communicate openly with your colleagues is imperative in order to have a successful shoot.

Here are some important questions to ask when you are planning a photo shoot

Both Models & Photographers Should Ask:

  • Who is paying who? is this paid/trade/collaboration? WHAT is included in the trade/transaction? And what is the timeline to expect payment on?

  • What is the inspiration for the shoot?

  • Where will we be working?

  • What do you hope to achieve from this collaboration? (What are your goals relevant to this shoot)

  • Who will be attending the shoot? (Makeup/hair/lighting/assistants/etc)

  • How many photos can be expected from the shoot and in which format will they be received (Email, CD, thumb drive, print, etc)? Will the final images be provided to the model in web size, or in full resolution (for making prints) as well?

  • On what websites will the images be posted and for what intent? (Sales, subscriptions, prints, social media, etc)

  • Will any images be sold, and who will profit?

  • Will I be credited on social media/print/publications? If so, which accounts of yours would you like credited? (Alias/personal page/website/etc.)

  • What is the expected timeline for receiving proofs and final images.

Do I feel comfortable working with this person?


  • Will I have a private place to change outfits?

  • Am I able to bring an escort (friend/support) with me to the shoot?

  • Do I get to choose the photos I want edited, or does the photographer pick what they like best? Do I get to see all or most of the unedited shots to choose from? Will I receive unedited images from a shoot?

  • Does the photographer do a light editing of the images or in depth editing and is the style of editing by the photographer something I like? (If not, why are you working with them?) Would I be OK with them noticeably altering my body type if that is what they sometimes do in editing?

  • Do I get to see the images on the camera’s screen or on a computer monitor, during or after a shoot?

  • If I don’t like a photo that the photographer edits and posts online, will they remove it upon request?

  • Will the photographer allow me to do any editing/cropping of any of the images?

  • Am I ready to work, with all my questions answered?

  • Have I checked in the Model Safety Net Private Group to see if this is someone who others have had a good experience with?


  • What is the comfort level of the model(s)

  • are they the most appropriate person/people for the job? 

  • Are all my questions answered and have I been upfront with my vision of this shoot?

  • Am I prepared to work, is my photography kit ready to go, with batteries charged?