Portfora.com provides creative talents with a portfolio to showcase their work, and allows them to find people to collaborate with, hire, or be hired by. 

The Goal:

"Rather than be just another website for models & photographers, we have much greater ambitions."

  • "To bring trust and reputation to what can be unsafe and unprofessional industries (think Yelp/eBay style references and ratings)
  • To be the easiest site for you to update your portfolio, follow the latest activity, and connect with other people; whether that be on your computer, tablet, or mobile
  • To cover the full spectrum of talents; in the future, we'll be adding Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Videographers, Artists, Studios, and a whole range of other skills
  • To become the industry-standard platform for talented people; covering collaboration and recruitment, with verification of work experience"

SafeModel is a UK based organization which shares the goals of ModelSafety.Net of protection through education. 

The Goal:

"Its time to bring industry safety to everyone's attention, and take it seriously."

"Our aim with this venture, is to educate people, to be able to empower them to protect themselves while working.  To be aware of what is, and what is not acceptable behaviour.  Since this is very much a personal thing (i.e. what you feel is acceptable, another person may not) then it is open to interpretation.  We will do everything we can to make the information as relevant as possible."