Introducing Sandy

"Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada. I grew up with a strong fascination with art, interpretation and expression through out the years, having explored many mediums such as painting, sketch drawing, and most recently, with make up. After receiving my make up diploma from John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts, I began working on a number of film sets and photo shoots, noticing that more often than not, I was being asked and pressured to work for less and less of my usual rate, and for longer hours, at the expense of my credibility and professionalism.

I became inspired to help others through building healthier relationships, whether it be professional and/or personal, at a young age. As a teenager, I began volunteering through transition homes, such as the Cridge Centre for the Family, providing emotional support for the women and families of the centre. It was during my time spent volunteering within transition homes that built a deep foundation of my beliefs that a cultural shift in attitudes needs to change towards individuals that choose to speak up against harassment and abuse.

These experiences became my catalyst to promote safer practices within the industry, educate others on their rights, and change the negative attitudes and treatment towards individuals that have gone through assault and abuse(emotional, physical, etc)."