The Value of the Reverse Image Search

Today I needed to bring up the value of a service that is shockingly lesser known than I believe it should be.

The Reverse Image Search!

Here are various services if you haven't heard of it:

How are these services beneficial?

Oh, let me count the ways...

Reverse image searches should be an essential part of a model's preliminary safety checks on those they plan on working with. With a quick image upload to one of these services, you can find the original copy of the uploaded image, and find out who took it (was it actually taken by the person who claims it was?).

With so many networking websites, portfolio websites, and the accessibility of personal websites, it is easy for pictures to end up in places they may not have been authorized to be released. On multiple occasions I have heard stories of photographers and artists finding their photos printed and sold on products internationally, without their knowledge or consent. Reverse image searching can help you even locate your own photographs, and their footprints on the internet, to put a stop to this sort of incidence.

Online predators can also utilize the plethora of photographs on the internet, and can claim that they are someone they are not. It can be valuable to request a photograph of whoever you plan on working with, especially if they are a stranger, so that you can run a reverse search and validate whether or not it is actually them.

It is incredibly easy to do and takes little time at all. Try it out, it can be very beneficial.

You may be surprised to find where some of your own images have ended up...

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