Remember Me

Remember Me

A poem by Fiona Wade

I wake up to shuffling of feet
moving swiftly past me, as if I don’t exist.
I gather my belongings

and put my name on a list.

 Applying for the next available unit,
I’m asked to take a seat.
I smooth my hair, wipe my eyes, rouge my cheeks.
I try not to look like a victim of defeat.

It’s no secret my ego
has taken more than one kick,
but outside the margin
one’s skin must grow thick.

My name finally shows up
after a 3 year long wait.
I have 6 more days
until my move in date.

Damage deposit secured,
income assistance re-directed;
Settled into my new home,
I hardly feel protected.

The night’s not for slumber,
the days are for rest.
Keeping watch on my treasures
I sleep an hour at best.

Pitter-patter of rodents,
critters occupy all the beds
shouting of neighbors,
fucked out of their heads.

I’ve been sober for years
which doesn’t make it easy
when addiction wasn’t the reason

I have to live somewhere so sleazy.

Resources are plenty
if you need a fix,
There’s always a corner,
Just join with the mix.

Unless you’re like me, and
to substance you've no ties,

the most high that I feel
is when I look to the skies.

I pray on the daily
for some stroke of luck;
A blessing, a smile,
for anything to not suck.

I’m withered, I’m tired,
the winters are cold.
I’m poor and alone,
with endless stories to be told.

With no one who cares
to ask about my fight,
my words go unspoken
until I finally reach the light.

No family, no friends,
no comfort for the downtrodden,

At the end of my life,
I’ll likely be forgotten.

I ask on the street
for someone to spare change.
But keep your coins, keep your money;

I’m looking for kindness to ease my pain.

If someone would listen
o what I have to say,
They’d learn the trick to making
a true difference in my day.

A smile; even a glance,
just acknowledgement that I’m there,
is enough to remind me
that somebody somewhere cares.

Kind stranger, kind friend,
you may think that I’m psycho
but all that I ask is
please remember me when I let go.