Leonardo Da Vancouver/ B. French; Another Sexual Offender to Be Aware Of

Leonardo Da Vancouver, a.k.a. Leonardo B. French, arrested in connection with alleged sex offences on public transit.

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Here's the story:

"He's sometimes known as Leonardo Da Vancouver, but the man also known as Leonardo B. French is actually a resident of Richmond.
And today, Richmond RCMP revealed that he's facing sex charges in connection with an incident on a public transit vehicle.
French, 74, is accused of sexual assault and sexual touching of a person under 16 years old. It came after a call to the Mounties about an incident onboard a Coast Mountain bus in the 5000 block of Granville Street on May 15.
"Police received information that a suspect on the bus had been observed allegedly groping a young girl," an RCMP news release states. "The suspect was described as an overweight Caucasian male, possibly in his 60s, wearing a white shirt and tie, blue hat, and dark pants.
"Two Good Samaritans followed the suspect after he exited the bus. The Coast Mountain bus driver was also instrumental in assisting the victim till police arrived."
The victim was physically unharmed, according to the RCMP.
French has appeared in Richmond Provincial Court on numerous sex charges over the years, including for sexual assault on a bus."



Novid Dadmand Officially Designated as a Dangerous Offender

Novid Dadmand who had been posing as a modelling agent in Richmond, BC has been officially designated as a Dangerous Offender and sentenced.

Novid Dadmand Model Safety Net

Here is the entire story:

"A 32-year-old Richmond man convicted of sexual assault has been declared a dangerous offender by the B.C. Supreme Court.

Two years ago, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Paul Pearlman found Novid Dadmand guilty of sexually assaulting five women, four of them by deceiving them into believing he was a modelling agent and that they were auditioning for a position as a model.

The Crown declared Dadmanda dangerous offender, with an indeterminate sentence, arguing that he had failed to control his sexual impulses and posed a safety threat.

The Crown also argued that his behaviour was intractable because of his personality disorder and psychopathic traits, including a lack of empathy.

Dadmand’s lawyer argued that as a long-term offender the appropriate sentence would be six years, followed by a three-year supervision order.

However, in a decision Friday, Pearlman agreed with the Crown and deemed Dadmand a dangerous offender. He also imposed an indeterminate prison sentence.

The five sexual assaults began in 2012 with a woman he lured to his Richmond townhouse, telling her that he was modelling agent from Italy. According to court documents, he gave her the impression he was gay to make her more at ease.

He told her it was an audition and suggested she remove her clothes. She was nervous, according to the documents, and testified that he became angry when she asked him to stop touching her in private areas.

Several of his victims described him as being well-groomed in stylish clothes and that he looked like a professional modelling agent.

Dadmand’s lawyers said at the trial that several complainants understood the nature of the sexual activities as being part of the auditions, which included the possibility of pornographic work. They argued that while the accused’s actions may have been immoral, they were not illegal because the victims had consented.

However, two of the victims were unconscious when Dadmand sexually assaulted them, attacks that were captured on video and used as evidence.

In one case, a woman had been taken to St. Paul’s Hospital after ingesting cocaine and a large quantity of alcohol and needed someone to drive her home. She called Dadmand and he picked her up and brought her back to his townhouse, where they drank more wine and talked about signing a modelling contract.

In his decision, Pearlman said Dadmand has engaged in a pattern of repetitive behaviour that established a likelihood that he “will inflict severe psychological damage on other persons by failing to restrain his behaviour in the future.”

He also pointed to the testimony of two physicians, who agreed that while Dadmand has the ability to complete the high-intensity sex offender program, he is unlikely to internalize what he is taught. One physician testified that his entrenched pathological sexual behaviour will make it difficult for him to achieve much in the way of risk reduction through sex offender treatment.

Pearlman said an indeterminate sentence is required to adequately protect the public."

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Know Your Rights

Without consent, any sexual contact is sexual assault.

Based on the Canadian legal definition of consent, it cannot be given in a situation that involves an abuse of trust, power or authority.

In the case of models and actors, that means agents, producers, directors, and photographers.

Know your rights.

Please click this link to visit the
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